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Original Article Anesthesiology
Comparison of the onset of anesthesia induced by two different concentrations and volume of lidocaine in regional intravenous anesthesia of the upper extremity

Alireza Talai; Alireza Moslem; Arash Hamzahee; Mojtaba Kianmehr; Abbasali Abbasnezhad

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 1-8

  Background: Intravenous regional anesthesia is a technique developed by the use of tourniquet and intravenous injection of anesthetic drug in the distal areas of the surgical region of the limbs. The aim of this study was to compare the onset of anesthesia induced by two methods of lidocaine use in regional ...  Read More

Original Article
Association of Dietary Patterns with Overweight and Obesity in Adolescents Female in Urmia

Haniyeh Ghorbannejad; Alireza Didarloo; Farnush Bakhshimoghaddam; Mohammad Alizadeh

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 7-17

  Background: Obesity in children and adolescents and adults is one of the most serious public health concerns in the 21st Century. Meanwhile, adolescence is an important stage in creating healthy eating habits, which is usually maintained until the end of life. The present study was designed to investigate ...  Read More

Original Article Biophysics & Radiotherapy
Investigating the Effect of Compton Scattering Between PET-Ring Detectors on Image Quality by Monte Carlo Simulation

Narges Araste; Hossein Tavakoli-Anbaran

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 17-26

  Background: The Compton scattered annihilation gammas between PET detectors reduce spatial resolution by making an incorrect Line of Response. This paper, by presenting a new method, tried to remove these errors from PET imaging. In this way, the detectors were insulated so that scattered gammas from ...  Read More

Original Article
Comparative evaluation of working postures among industrial workers before and after of ergonomics intervention using participatory approach

Husein Kalate arabi; Mojtaba Ahmadi; Jamshid Yazdani Charati; Siavash Etemadi Nezhad

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 27-33

  Background:One of the most important factors in causing musculoskeletal disorder is poor body posture during work. Ergonomic interventions to improve working posture is essential. Participatory approach is a new field in the planning and implementation of interventions. This study compared posture of ...  Read More

Original Article Biotechnology & nanotechnology
Synthesis and physiochemical characterizing of Liponiosomal hybrid nano-carriers as carriers for Doxorubicin HCl anti-cancer drug

Elham Sasani; Hashem Shahi Malmir; Fatemeh Daneshmand; Mohammad Majdizadeh; Bibi Fatemeh Haghiralsadat

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 35-47

  Introduction: Lipid nano-carriers with slow release and semi-targeted delivery of the drug can reduce some of the challenges of drug delivery to cancer cells. The aim of this study was to prepare and evaluate physiochemicals of various formulations of the liponiosomal system containing doxorubicin in ...  Read More

Original Article Microbiology
Correlation of Antibiotic Resistance with CMY-2, CTX-M-2,CTX-M-8 Extended-Spectrum Beta Lactamases Genes among Klebsiella pneumoniae Isolates in Tehran Hospitals

Mahsa Amirani; Shiva Khalil moghadam; Kumarss Amini

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 48-54

  Backgeround: Klebsiella pneumoniae is an opportunistic pathogen and is one of the most important bacteria involved in hospital infections.The broad spectrum of beta-lactatmase is increasing worldwide. Antibiotics of β-lactams are among the most common antimicrobial agents in controlling and treating ...  Read More

Original Article immunology & Biochemistry
Synthesis and Identification of Novel Aromatic Compound as Inhibitor of Lysozyme Amyloid Aggregation

Hassan Ramshini; Shahryar Saeidian; Leila Nazemian

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 55-63

  Backgrounds & Objectives: Alzheimer's disease is of major concern all over the world due to a number of factors including (i) an aging population (ii) increasing life span and (iii) lack of effective pharmacotherapy options. Aromatic small molecules have been found to play a neuroprotective role ...  Read More

Original Article
Workers occupational exposure to Free Crystal Silica of respirable particles in a cement factory in Khorasan Razavi province

Mahmoud Mohammadyan; Akbar Ahmadi Asour; Milad Pouransari; Rahim Akrami; Davood Soroosh; Seyyed Mehdi Razavi

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 65-72

  Background:There are many chemicals in Portland cement including crystalline Silica. Workers’ exposure to cement airborne particles containing Free Crystal Silica may cause some serious diseases. This study was carried out to evaluate Free Crystal Silica particle concentration in the workers’ ...  Read More

Original Article Physical Education
Effect of beta alanine on lactate level and Specific performance of elite male rowers

Mohammad Ali Gharaat; Majid Kashef; Leila Eidi Abarghani; Mohsen Sheykhlouvand

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 73-81

  Scope: According to the role of beta-alanine in buffering, this study aimed to investigate the effects of chronic beta-alanine ingestion on rowing performance.Materials & Methods: Twenty-four elite male rowers (age:23.4 ±3.3 years, height: 186.1± 7.9 cm, body fat percentage: 8.9 ± ...  Read More

Original Article Microbiology
Genetic Analysis NS Gene of H9N2 Subtype of Influenza Virus A Isolated in Iranian poultry industry in during 2007-2016

Zahra Keyvanlou; Abdul Hamid Shoushtari

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 83-92

  The H9N2 influenza virus is of great importance due to the wide range of hosts due to gene rearrangement, which facilitates the possibility across of the Inter-species barrier. This study demonstrates useful information on the homogeneity of the H9N2 strain of avian influenza virus in Iran with other ...  Read More

Original Article Health and environment
The assessment of physical, chemical and microbial quality of bottled water in Hamadan, Iran in 2016

Khadijeh Yari; Mostafa Leili; Hassan Zolghadrnasab; Shima Mohammadi bolban; Shahla Rahmani

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 93-100

  Background: The consumption of bottled water in various parts of the world have significantly increased. The aim of this study was to evaluate the physical, chemical and microbial quality of bottled waters in Hamadan in 2016.Materials and Methods: This research is a descriptive cross-sectional study, ...  Read More

Original Article Biotechnology & nanotechnology
Subcloning and expression of SO9 gene, Saponaria Officinalis plant in E.coli and investigation of antibody titer in mouse

Amirhossein Barghi; Hossein Honari; Mohamadali Ebrahimi; Gholamreza Bakhshi Khaniki; Seyed Mojtaba aghaee

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 103-112

  Introduction: Saponaria officinalis have various saponin isoforms. Saponin is a ribosome-inactivating protein (RIP). The SO9 isoform of saponins depurinates the adenine 4324 in the preserved GAGA sequence resulting in impairment of protein production. In this study, the S09 isoform was expressed in E. ...  Read More

Original Article Health Education
Investigating the Relationship between Demographic Variables and Social Capital Among Iranian Medical Students

Mahnaz Solhi; Javad Yoosefi lebni; Sedighe Rastaghi; Bahar Khosravi; Esmaeil Fattahi

Volume 27, Issue 1 , May and June 2020, Pages 113-120

  Introduction: Social capital is one of the variables influencing the economic, social and health development of society. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine the social among Iranian university students. Materials and MethodsThis study is a cross-sectional study. The statistical population ...  Read More