Introduction: among different specific strategies for treatment of drug abuse disorders, Family therapy has been attractive forre searcher. The family therapy would increase the efficacy of other approaches. The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of integration of structural and solution- focused family therapy(cutting down on use of substance) in treating substan ceabusers and improving family function.
Methods: This semi-experimentalstudy was carried out with pre-and post-test and a six-month follow-up along with Control group. The population included all families who hada drug abuser member and referred to zibadasht health center in 22nd district of Tehran in 2013.30 families selected viaConvenience sampling method and after matching, they were randomly divided into two experiment (15 families) and control (15 families) groups. Demographic questionnaire, addicts tests (opium) and family survey were used to collect data. pre and post-tests and also a six-month follow up were given for both groups .Data was analyzed through SPSS11 using multi-variables covariance anlysis and chi-squar test.
Results:The results revealed that combination of structural and solution- focused family therapy is effective in both treating substance abusers (cutting down on use of substance) and enhancing the family function since 80 percent of population in post-test (X2= 20, p